Patience is Key

I want this and I want this now! – is what a spoilt child would usually say. But if only they knew the process of what they’re asking for. Patience is something that is a working progress and I can say I’m not there yet but I’m better than I was years ago. Usually people … More Patience is Key

Who am I ?

If you were asked to describe yourself in three words what would it be? Mine would be: ⁃Caring ⁃Kind ⁃Loving I was asked to just describe myself to people and I didn’t know what to say. Although I am very much aware of what I do, I just froze and I couldn’t think of what … More Who am I ?

Self-Love 🖤

What is self love ? Google defines self love as ‘regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.’ To me self- love means loving yourself with all your imperfections.. Flaws and all. How about you, what does self-love mean to you? If it was me alone I wouldn’t be doing this blog at all because of … More Self-Love 🖤

Picture Perfect

Are people even real now? We have a filter for days that cover up our imperfections and whilst we are there covering our imperfections others are feeding off it and assuming that we are living that ‘perfect lifestyle’ but what is perfect? You don’t know the pain and struggles the person had to go through … More Picture Perfect

The Beginning

My name is Divine I’m 25 years young growing in Christ and learning more and more about myself each day. I don’t think you understand how real procrastination is! Lol! This blog was meant to start the longest time ago but excuses and excuses would come up. I didn’t know how I was going to … More The Beginning