Hello 2022✨

Hello my Lovelies! Happy New Year! Hope you’ve all been well had an amazing start to the year! Lessons learnt in 2021: – Grab opportunities with both hands. – Never give up, you don’t know when your breakthrough is coming. – Its okay to not be ok.. it will get better. Did you manage to … More Hello 2022✨

Goodbye 2021

Hello Lovelies! I thought I’d write a blog post before the year ended. Can you believe that 2021 is nearly over? I don’t know about you, but I felt like this year went relatively quickly. I remember turning 28 last year and hearing God say this is your year of greatness. And until recently I … More Goodbye 2021

My Nursing Journey

I wanted to start by apologising for the silence…I am going to be honest, I didn’t feel motivated. I will go into depth with this in another post. I wanted to walk you through my nursing journey. In 2016, I was working as a healthcare assistant on a paediatric ward. I applied for London’s leading … More My Nursing Journey

Why Do We Fear?

First of all I wanted to say Happy New Year! Yes we’re in February lol! Hello my lovelies and welcome back! Today I wanted to talk about Fear. With everything going on around the world, we are scared on what will happen next. I am definitely one of them! I’ve been wondering when am I … More Why Do We Fear?


Many of us find it hard to sometimes stay consistent with what we are doing in life I know I do! It’s like when we have Christmas and everyone is like ‘Gym in the new year’ we probably may stay consistent for about a month or two then gradually stop. Why is that? I believe … More Inconsistency