Hello 2022✨

Hello my Lovelies! Happy New Year!

Hope you’ve all been well had an amazing start to the year!

Lessons learnt in 2021:

– Grab opportunities with both hands.

– Never give up, you don’t know when your breakthrough is coming.

– Its okay to not be ok.. it will get better.

Did you manage to write all your goals?

I did something different for 2022.. I did a vision board. A vision board of how I want my 2022 to be like, the plans I have for my personal growth, finances, relationships, and health. I took all of these topics and generated my vision.

This is an example of a vision board I got from Pinterest https://pin.it/58tE4Tx

Your vision may look nothing like this! You can literally put anything you want – the things you want to happen within this year or next. I am a visual person, so when I have a picture of something, it tends to grab my attention more. This is why this year I decided to do one. We are only a few days into the new year and I am still going strong! Wish me luck!

If you don’t think a vision board is for you, here are alternative ways you can still make it happen.

  • Create a Gratitude Board.
  • Write a Dream Life Journal.
  • Design a Pinterest Dream Board.
  • Record Your Dream Life.
  • Write a Letter to Yourself.

I’d definitely recommend looking at Pinterest for examples, so you know what you’re doing. Have fun with it. It will be good for it to be an attractive piece, this way it’s always appealing to you. Try it and let me know how it goes. You’ve got this!

Always remember imperfection is the beauty of perfection.

With Love,

Divine-Amy 🖤

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