All About Nursing School

Hey Lovelies,

I wasn’t sure if I was going to share this bit of my journey with you, however the story wouldn’t make sense without this and to be honest it’s a major part of my growth spiritually and how I handle my day to day life situations from since it happened.

Just to get all the time stamps correctly, I now started uni in September 2017 the year I turned 25.. can you believe I thought I was too old to go back to uni and start another degree?! Boy was I wrong on so many levels. You’re never told to start anything you’re passionate to do. Never make your age define the plans you want for your life.

Sorry got sidetracked back to my story lol 😄

In my last post I wrote about my journey getting to nursing school, this is a continuation in my nursing journey. So I left off by telling you I got into the university that once rejected me, surprised but grateful. It was a two year course, I needed to complete essays, placements and exams. Now like most people I HATE exams, however, I was determined to pass so I can finish my first year of uni.

I passed all my assignments, I was so happy! It was time for me to do my science exam and I unfortunately didn’t get the grade I needed to pass into second year of nursing. I was so distraught. I needed one more mark to pass. I was told not to attend placement until the exam board have reviewed the science exam. I had to wait for a month, the first two weeks I was just constantly in a low mood and felt like a failure. The remaining two weeks, I got up and applied for jobs, as I was reminded I have an undergraduate degree I can use. I was offered a few nursery nurse jobs, however, as I was leaving my last interview and checked my emails…

I got an email from my university that I was allowed to finish the course! I was so excited! God can do the impossible and I truly saw it before my eyes when I checked my emails.

When I was given this second chance I went in with a whole different mind set, I worked harder than before because when I felt that this could’ve been slipped away, I grabbed it with both hands. I gave all my trust in God and I actually believe that I could finish and I did.

This may not apply to you, but maybe you can implement it somehow in your life. Trust and believe you can do it and you will. It may not be in your time but it will happen. I waited four weeks to see what will happen, and through that time I had given up, cried, and powered through. It wasn’t easy but I am glad it was an experience I came out of stronger.

What experience made you step up to be who you are right now?

Always remember… Imperfection is the beauty of perfection.

If your studying to be a nurse or aspire to be one someday in the future here are some websites that can help:

With Love,

Divine Amy 🖤

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