My Nursing Journey

I wanted to start by apologising for the silence…I am going to be honest, I didn’t feel motivated. I will go into depth with this in another post.

I wanted to walk you through my nursing journey. In 2016, I was working as a healthcare assistant on a paediatric ward. I applied for London’s leading nursing university (Kings’ College London). At the time I was thinking who am I to be applying for such uni?! Girl lol. I unfortunately didn’t get accepted and till this day I don’t know why. I continued being a health care assistant for another year.

In 2017, I re-applied.. I don’t like to give up you see. I applied around March/April when the deadline was 15th January, it was only God. I called Kings College London, the same uni that rejected me and asked if it was too late to apply. They said no – so I applied that very same day. I wrote my personal statement, gathered my references, and PRAYED! This was all completed in two weeks, I applied for three different unis and by the grace of God they all replied saying it was not too late and that they are looking into my application.

Fast-forward a few weeks later, I heard back from Kings College first and they asked me to come in to do a numeracy and literacy test alongside a mini interview. Now I HATE maths with a passion, I revised and revised so I could make sure I had a chance at passing to get into nursing.

I completed everything and was now waiting for a response. Whilst waiting I prayed and left it in God’s hand. A week later I got an email from UCAS that something has changed, the change was that Kings College accepted me on their nursing course!! I was over the moon! A uni that once rejected me has accepted me into the course.

Although I wanted to go the previous year, it was God’s plan to start in 2017. We may believe that we have control over our life but it is only the almighty God who has control. I believe I was held back because it wasn’t my time or season to commence my nursing journey, however, the time I did start the course was just at the right time. I left with a nursing degree, life long friendships and found courage in myself more than I have ever felt.

Sometimes rejections is a good thing, it can make you strive to achieve even better for the next thing God has planned for you. Society will make you feel like once you failed that’s it. No try another avenue. I am a living testimote that whatever you try next may just work.

What do you need to try that you were previously rejected on?

I wish my story finished here but this is only the beginning..

Always remember..

Imperfection is the beauty of perfection

With Love,

Divine Amy 🖤

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