Divine Greatness – How It All Began

Why I started this blog?

I was asked what is my passion? And I realised how much I love helping people and enjoy writing, so I thought why not put the good qualities together and I came up with blogging. So, I started blogging two years ago and it has been a blessing to me and others ever since I’ve started.

Writing is something I’ve always found therapeutic, when something is written it’s accessible for others to have and read. And although it may be for your own personal use, you never know who you may help if you then share it to others.

“We read to know that we are not alone”

William Nicholson

Another reason why I started to blog is because I wanted show everyone they’re not alone, we all go through life experiences, and sometimes we may also feel like we are the only one going through the heat but in reality we are not – there is nothing new under the sun. When I post my blogs, the feedback I tend to get is ‘I can relate to the blog post you’ve just put up’. This shows that there is nothing new under the sun. Life is a continuous cycle.

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun”

Ecclesiastes 1:9

How did I come up with the name?

I was at home and was praying, I was just talking to God and asking Him to give me direction and purpose for my life. The name ‘Divine Greatness’ came into mind, as I kept repeating it, I didn’t understand what I needed or wanted to do with it. Then I started journaling and continuously wrote Divine Greatness and then it clicked – this would be a good name for a blog. My name ‘Divine’ incorporated alongside Greatness can only bring positivity.

Keeping stuff in is what a lot of us tend to do, I found blogging an escape route for myself. It allows me to see it written and when I read it back I help myself. It’s a lot like journaling but the difference is, it’s public for others to have access to with the opportunity to help them as they read.

I started this to help you, YES you reading this. I hope it not only touches you but helps and encourages you to make a change. We are all still learning, this pandemic has shown me nothing in life is garanteed, however, we must all favour our life because we are still here.

Let’s all make memories.

And always remember…Imperfection is the beauty of perfection


With Love,

Divine-Amy 💕

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