Many of us find it hard to sometimes stay consistent with what we are doing in life I know I do! It’s like when we have Christmas and everyone is like ‘Gym in the new year’ we probably may stay consistent for about a month or two then gradually stop. Why is that? I believe that the inconsistency is sometimes due to lack of discipline and belief in yourself. For me personally, with my blogging I have not been consistent. Although I want to be consistent there clearly something holding me back. I’m a huge believer in starting as you means to go on, but sometimes fear holds us back.

What helps me be consistent is (when I am lol) journaling, have a plan for the day, and writing my goals. At the end of the day no one is going to ride harder for you than YOU! If you are too laid back in life then you may not get the results you are aiming for or that you deserve. I’m a strong believer of Christ and I always refer back to God. You can pray to God many times during your quiet time to pass an exam or any other desires, however, if you don’t put work into it you will get the same result you’ve been getting in the past. Try something new and you just may get a different result :).

How to stay consistent:

⁃ Write a plan for the day

⁃ Choose to do things you enjoy, this way you won’t get bored or have an excuse not to do it

⁃ Write your goals for the week, month, 3 months 6 months, a year and so on. And then each day have mini goals to help you get to your main goal.

And remember consistency is always key.. never give up.. remember why you started. We all have a purpose in our life I pray and hope you find yours.

Stay Blessed

Stay Safe

And always remember imperfection is the beauty of perfection


Divine Amy ❤️

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