Patience is Key

I want this and I want this now! – is what a spoilt child would usually say. But if only they knew the process of what they’re asking for. Patience is something that is a working progress and I can say I’m not there yet but I’m better than I was years ago. Usually people like to get things there and then. If you live in London and see that you need to wait more than two minutes for a bus that’s already too long but you will have people living outside London having only four buses in an hour but they’re still cope right? However, due to Londoners being so used to fast track transport any kind of delay would annoy them. But maybe, just maybe we need to be patient and have that delay. Maybe what we want is not what we need to have at that moment in time and that’s okay because if its for you it will eventually come to you.. we just have to be patient. You see all your friends in happy relationships and getting their rings but your hand is still not heavy, or friends having babies and exciting new jobs. Thats okay patience my love – Your journey will always differ from other people around you, your time will come and when it does it will be better than the rest.

When I don’t get what I want when I want it, I see it as a blessing in disguise, a protection and it usually puts me back into perspective but I’m still a working progress, and as long as I’m trying .. my patience is stretching and is better than yesterday. Maybe you’re waiting for something to happen and your losing patience, DONT! I repeat DONT! Relax and just remember what is suppose to happen will happen and you just need to be patient okay ?! Okay good 🙂

And don’t forget.. imperfect is the beauty of perfection

Stay blessed my lovelies 💙


Divine-Amy x

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