Who am I ?

If you were asked to describe yourself in three words what would it be?

Mine would be:




I was asked to just describe myself to people and I didn’t know what to say. Although I am very much aware of what I do, I just froze and I couldn’t think of what to say at first. However, after they learnt about me I wish I was able to elaborate more about myself. I’m so fixated on trying to get things done all the time that I forget what I’ve already achieved in life and this is so common in today’s society.

We focus on what we don’t have and forget about the things we do have, and in order to get to your final destination you need consistency and perseverance to not give up, especially when situations get tough. We always want the best in everything we do but we at times we are impatient, but we need to remember good things come to those who wait. Patience is key

Don’t be distracted in any areas of your life, never lose focus on your journey, the minute you lose focus, you have distracted yourself already. Always remind yourself of your accomplishments whenever you need that reminder, and never forget who you are. Why don’t you write what you’ve accomplished so far, and what you plan to do from now. It’s nice physically see progress it usually pushes people to do more.

Remembering and declaring your accomplishments is not to be prideful or to gloat to others, but to remind yourself that you once thought you wouldn’t cross that finishing line. But now look, you’ve not only crossed it but you have also completed something you most likely thought was impossible at the time.

Whatever you conquered in the past, best believe you can also conquer this chapter/season so what’s stopping you?

We have all been there, there’s literally nothing new under the sun.

And always remember…

Imperfection is the beauty of perfection


Divine-Amy 🖤

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