Picture Perfect

Are people even real now? We have a filter for days that cover up our imperfections and whilst we are there covering our imperfections others are feeding off it and assuming that we are living that ‘perfect lifestyle’ but what is perfect? You don’t know the pain and struggles the person had to go through just to get to that stage but to you it’s just picture perfect right? Social media is such a big thing in today’s society, ‘we must look like this in order to obtain likes on Instagram’ or ‘act a certain way to obtain more followers’.

Whilst you’re crushing on your MCM or WCW he or she could be facing issues that you are not even aware of but because you see them post amazing filtered pictures they must be ok right? We are so good at masking our problems that even if we were to tell people our issues they’d be shocked. Don’t get me wrong social media could be used in an amazing way, it could be used to build platforms to target the right audience. But it can also be a place people feel like they can bully others because they are different to them and you could just end up feeling so alone.

Social media is also pressure. Why do I say this? I say this because girls are 14/15 and feel the need to have a full face of make up on to look fleeky.. don’t get me wrong I like make up it enhances our beauty but it shouldn’t be used to define who you are… Sis you’re beautiful without make up and I need you to embrace your inner beauty and you will glow on the outside 💫. However with the pressure of social media, girls are pressured to grow up faster than usual and at the same time they lose their childhood and their innocence.

I pray for you young girls to speak up if you’re being bullied via social media or feel peer pressured to do stuff that you may not feel comfortable doing and that’s okay because you have a choice.

We are all guilty of overthinking sometimes but remember your journey will differ to your peers. Just because they feel comfortable doing something doesn’t mean you have to do it. You always have a voice and there’s always someone who will listen.

Be yourself and don’t let anyone put you down Sis!


“Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.”

Proverbs 13:20 NIV


Divine-Amy ♥️

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