God hears your prayers but are you ready to listen?

Ever since I can remember I have always prayed to God to give me confidence, as you may know by now I am extremely shy and I avoid doing a lot of stuff! But God said this was all going to change and this is what happened… I went to church one Sunday, I was praying and a leader at church tapped my shoulder and asked me to do a reading in front of everyone and I looked at her shocked and couldn’t believe what she was asking me to do. Reading in front of a crowd is something that just sounded traumatic in my eyes. After having a moment I agreed to do the reading, she gave me a bible scripture and I will never forget it 1 Kings 17: 7-24. At that moment the scripture seemed so long and I was feeling more anxious as I knew my turn was coming soon.

It was now my turn, I got up I was so nervous, I felt my legs wobbling, thank God I wasn’t wearing heels that Sunday! And I always wear heels..definitely God’s plan right? Lol. So anyway, I started reading and I was just stumbling with my words as if I forgot how to speak English! It was so embarrassing, but I didn’t stop I carried on and as I continued my words were flowing more and I knew I was now making sense and I felt a bit better and confident. I came off stage and prayed, God I know this was you – that was a real test and I was obedient enough to complete it.

Sometimes in life God will put you in uncomfortable situations to make you come out your shell and grow, I believe this is what God is doing with me. I have continuously been praying for confidence and without warning God put me in the deep end. I obeyed And completed the task, Have you ? As much as it is hard we all have a purpose, keep seeking and you shall definitely find it.

Stay Blessed


Divine-Amy ♥️

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